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The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is considered the most sweeping tax law change in decades, and, for many individuals and businesses, the massive and complex changes will have a profound impact. This includes the impact on choice of entity decisions, affected by how C corporations and pass-through entities will be taxed under the new Act. These drastic changes may cause many businesses to reconsider their current entity structure. The all-new CCH® AnswerConnect: Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Impact - Guide to Choice of Entity discusses the factors involved in choosing a form of business entity. The options available include being taxed as a C Corporation, where the entity is responsible for paying taxes, or being taxed as a pass-through entity, where the individual owner of the entity is responsible for paying the tax. With this authoritative guide you will gain a more solid understanding of the tax implications of choice of entity, the advantages and disadvantages of changing entities and the factors to consider before making that decision. This guide will cover the changes impacting choice of entity, such as: The dramatic reduction of the corporate tax rate to 21% The elimination of the corporate alternative minimum tax (AMT) New deduction for pass-through qualified business income in certain cases Double-taxation of C Corporation profits Ensure complete coverage of the major provisions of the historic Tax Cuts and Jobs Act with the CCH® AnswerConnect Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Impact Series

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